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kristy nelson

I am thrilled to be principal at Buffalo Point Elementary for the second year. This school has a great reputation! I am excited to be part of such a dynamic school community. Each day, I am learning more about the great programs and people that have created such a fine school. Here is some information about me ...

I have deep roots in Davis County. I was raised on a ranch in West Kaysville, and have fond memories of farm life and fishing trips. Half my childhood was spent on the bottom of Lagoon (the old huge one) and I dreamed of being a marine biologist and diver. My senior summer, I earned money for college as a lifeguard at that pool. I'm fortunate to have a wonderful family consisting of three grown children, three grandsons, and a dog named Rocky. My husband, Oliver, is from Switzerland and has studied multiple languages throughout this life. We are an active family and enjoy sports. travel, and outdoor adventures such as skiing, hiking, and biking. Every year we try to add one new National Park to our explorations. This year we camped at Canyonlands and will get to see Redwood NP. 

My career in Davis schools has been so rewarding! I started as a Teacher Assistant in Education while in college. Immediately, I fell in love with teaching and graduated from Weber State University in Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology. Fifth grade was my niche and I taught it for 18 years at Hill Field, Layton, and Mountain View Elementary. I received an M.ED. degree and Administrative Endorsement from Utah State. I then combined teaching with Administrative Intern work and have most currently been a principal for nine years. I love science and history, my favorite books are usually Historical Fiction. 

Thank you all for such a warm welcome my first year as principal. I'm extremely lucky to have the opportunity to serve at Buffalo Point. I look forward to many positive experiences as I endeavor to support staff, students and families as we work together to create successful students.