Jake Heidrich

Principal:  Jake Heidrich
Phone: 801-402-8400

kelly staten

Admin. Intern: Kelly Saten
Phone: 801-402-8400


Contact Information


Main Office: 801-402-8400
Attendance: 801-402-8409
Fax:  801-402-8401

Office Hours:  8:00am - 4:00pm

Secretary:  Andrea Scanlon

Assistant: Andrea Bingham

School Directory


School Motto 2019-2020:
"Go F.I.S.H.!!"


Buffalo Point Mission Statement
The purpose of Buffalo Point Elementary is to promote the mission of "Learning First!" for all. To accomplish our purpose, we will teach DESK standards through the explicit instruction model wherein individual learning styles, needs, and gifts are acknowledged and addressed. Instructional time will be protected. We will provide a safe learning environment and empower the community to support student learning. School staff will ensure student learning by tracking student progress and modifying instructional methods learned through professional development.